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The Wenzhou action to build 25 large-scale investment projects (2012/10/13)

Morning, held 25 large-scale investment projects in Wenzhou the collective foundation-stone laying ceremony, the scale of investment of 22.8 billion yuan. Zhao Zhu, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee secretary of the provincial People's Congress Standing Committee, sent a congratulatory letter, the Provincial Committee and the Wenzhou Party Secretary Chen Derong speech.CZTV Company Specializing In The Production All Kinds Of Forged Steel Valves, Including Forged Gate Valve,Forged Ball Valve,Forged Check Valve, Forged Globe Valve Etc.

Development scale of 105 billion the Longwan Airport New Area invading high-tech industrial park construction to start this morning. The industrial park planning area of ​​4,500 acres, in the high-tech industrial production and R & D-based, traditional industrial upgrading, giving the perfect life supporting comprehensive ecological regions. Park Group, the introduction of the aluminum six Metallurgical, Wenzhou the huang Sheng Group to undertake the construction of municipal infrastructure. The project and the eight companies in the park is the start of the project will be directly driven by fixed asset investment of 11.38 billion yuan. The Longwan District Committee official said the project construction, Longwan District will implement leadership led to grave difficulties, site office, first-line supervisory, linear propulsion; adhere to departmental interaction, ensure fast approval of the project, quick start, fast to put into use; strengthen the management of the project site, full control, quality and quantity, and build quality.